Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Making Home Affordable Servicer Handbook v3.0

This is the Making Home Affordable Servicer Handbook detailing the rules mortgage servicers are supposed to follow~

This information is great for working through the process and knowing what to expect as a consumer. Plus, check out the credit reporting requirements -- if you weren't late when you started a trial period modification, the servicer is required to report your credit as agreed but under a payment arrangement -- NOT DELINQUENT as they commonly do.

If you have any questions about the information in this handbook, feel free to contact me:
Cody Hayes, President - Mortgage Advisory Services 602-373-8485 or chayes@mortgageadvisoryservices.org.
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Bank of America to Reduce Principle? Consumers Beware!!!

In response to the article: Bank of America to lower mortgage principal

I am skeptical, sorry to say. At best, BofA has the authority to reduce principal for borrowers in the portfolio they own and do not only service. I think this is most likely a carrot-of-optimism to keep people who are considering walking away from doing that so soon. Like other plans, everyone and his brother will call in tomorrow to see if they qualify. Causing disgusting hold times, and the representative will only say "that program is not out yet, just because you heard it in the media doesn't mean its available now, call us back in two weeks." Or the rep will offer to put the people on a trial modification program which will allow the person to make partial payments until they have accumulated enough delinquency to qualify for modification all-the-while reporting negatively to the borrower's credit report. Awful! Watch out people... Consumers Beware!

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Announcing Loan Modification Assistance


Contact: Cody Hayes - President
Mortgage Advisory Services LLC

Foreclosure Relief — New Local Service Protects
Sub-Prime Mortgage Holders Against Rate Adjustments

Phoenix, AZ; December 17, 2007 — Mortgage Advisory Services LLC helps sub-prime borrowers keep the low rates associated with their original loans for longer periods — up to 336 months.

This service is particularly important as sub-prime loans reset from low introductory interest rates to higher rates, exposing tens of thousands of Arizona borrowers to a greater risk of foreclosure. “Many borrowers assumed they could refinance into more desirable loan products before their rate increases hit,” says Cody Hayes, President of Mortgage Advisory Services, “but flat or decreasing home values in the Valley are taking away this option.”

While President Bush announced an agreement with mortgage lenders to ‘freeze’ interest rates, it only covers people who took out sub-prime loans between 2005 and this summer, have credit scores less than 660, and who live in the homes in question. “Additionally,” says Mr. Hayes, “the government hotline tells borrowers that they’re on their own to negotiate terms with their lenders.”

Mortgage Advisory Services negotiates directly with lenders on behalf of all sub-prime borrowers. “Clients simply authorize us to work directly with their mortgage servicing company,” says Mr. Hayes. “We review all the documents, determine if a hardship letter is necessary, and contact lenders on behalf of our clients to negotiate the best terms possible. It’s in everyone’s interest to keep people in their homes, so it’s really a win-win situation for the borrower and the lender.”

Mortgage Advisory Services LLC offers a complete loan modification assistance package for $995*. For more information, concerned borrowers should contact Cody Hayes at 602-373-8485.
*payment plans available
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Saturday, July 7, 2007


A service of Mortgage Advisory Services LLC

Media Contact: Juliet Straker - (602) 549-7188 - juliet@marketingworxpr.com

Online Service Educates, Protects Mortgage Consumers
IsMyLoanFair.com helps consumers make informed decisions about home loans

, Ariz. (July 3, 2007) – Securing a home mortgage is often one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Trying to understand the loan process and ensuring a smart financial decision is made can be overwhelming. Now, mortgage loan consumers have an online resource to answer the question, “Is my loan fair?”

Launched in May, Web-based IsMyLoanFair.com is educating mortgage loan applicants about the loan process and helping determine whether a proposed loan meets their financial needs and expectations.

Operated by Cody Hayes, senior loan officer at State Mortgage, IsMyLoanFair.com is a third party advisory service designed to protect consumers. The service is set-up purely for education, borrowers are better prepared to negotiate with lenders and make informed decisions that can significantly impact their financial standing, it in no way is a solicitation for loans and does not provide mortgage loan origination services.

“In seven years as a loan officer I’ve met countless people who have been misled about the loan process,” says Hayes. “Loans are complicated. Unethical lenders often prey on consumers’ lack of knowledge to make a sale. I launched IsMyLoanFair.com to provide a resource for borrowers to protect themselves.”

In addition to fee-based consulting services to thoroughly review loan documents and provide recommendations, IsMyLoanFair.com offers a wealth of free information.

By logging on, borrowers can find tips on dealing with lenders, identify warning signs that point to predatory lending practices, and even take a brief quiz to assess whether they would benefit from having their loan reviewed.

“Our goal is to educate consumers so they have the knowledge base to negotiate better loan terms,” says Hayes. “I’m amazed at the creative ways lenders take advantage of borrowers by inflating or adding hidden and unnecessary fees.”

IsMyLoanFair.com offers three package plans ranging in price from $129 to $349. Initial recommendations are typically available within 24 hours.

For more information, please visit http://www.ismyloanfair.com/.

About IsMyLoanFair.com
IsMyLoanFair.com is an independent Web-based advisory service designed to educate consumers about the mortgage loan process while giving them the tools to make informed loan decisions. A service of Mortgage Advisory Services, LLC, IsMyLoanFair.com is a custom consultation service for individuals currently negotiating mortgage loans. Mortgage Advisory Services LLC does not provide mortgage loan origination services.

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